Dave Roberts Interview

Dave Roberts of the Giants joined the show fresh off of Giants ‘Fan Fest’ to talk about his squad. Of course Manny Ramirez came up, and Dave said whoever gets him has a head start in the division. He played with Manny with both Cleveland and Boston, and thinks Manny won’t pick a team until the spring.


Tony asked if any team has a better rotation than the Giants, and Dave thinks the Giants definitely have a deep rotation and they might just be the best in baseball.


Dave likes his team this year, especially with additions like Randy Johnson and Edgar Renteria.


The Giants head to spring training soon, and Tony and Dave talked about the closing of Dodgertown and the Dodgers moving to the cactus league. Dave said Dodgertown was a special place, but he’s happy about LA moving out west for spring training.


Tony brought up the infamous list of the 104 players, and jokingly asked Dave if he’s going to be on the list. Dave said if he’s on the list, he should try to get his money back from the steroid sales, because he isn’t exactly the prototypical power hitter!


They joked about Dave’s power, and if they’re going to start a ‘splash count’ for him in San Francisco. He says he has maybe one home run in right field in San Francisco, and it was third row.


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