Tuesday, February 10th 2009

Instead of calling it ‘Taco Tuesday’, perhaps today should be declared ‘Traffic Tuesday.’ With all apologies to Steve Winwood, the traffic in LA is always brutal!


The highlight of the day so far is Tim’s credit card getting declined… for $7 worth of tacos! Either there was a mix-up with some credit card stuff, or Tim’s wife took a nice trip to Rodeo Drive without asking.


Tonight’s guests:


Harold Reynolds, MLB Network: Harold will talk steroids and ARod, and will respond to Rob Dibble ripping him yesterday on our show.


Bart Scott, linebacker, Baltimore Ravens: The upcoming free agent will talk about the Ravens, and if he’ll accept a hometown discount from the team.


David Frei, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: Yes, we do love the dog show. David will recap and break down the pooches. One dog is definitely missing from the show though.


Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News: Mike will talk some college hoops with Tony, including Villanova’s thumping of Marquette. He’ll also preview some game on Wednesday involving two schools in North Carolina.


4 Responses to “Tuesday, February 10th 2009”

  1. Make sure tonight’s show gets Podcast unlike last night’s!

  2. We appreciate your support and anticipate the podcasts being up shortly.

  3. Pat in Indy Says:

    The stinkin poodle better not win or Tony needs to grill David Frie about it!! I’m on pins and needles. And what happened to Lester Holt with the play-by-play? Mary Carillo? Are you kidding me?

  4. Thanks!

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