Tony’s drug cocktail

After returning from break, Tony is getting hammered for calling MSG the ‘second most famous arena in the world.’ He thinks of course, it’s the Roman Coliseum.


Tony is starting to fight off a cold, and he’s got some kind of drug cocktail. One part vitamin C, one part Nyquil and one part red wine?


We come back from break, and the phones have exploded! Maybe they all want Tony’s magical recipe for good health – either that, or somehow our number showed up on the Shamwow commercial.


Sebastian checked in live and local from the Villanova game. He fears Jay Wright will get a better offer somewhere else, but Tony thinks he’ll be around for a while at ‘Nova.


Stay tuned next hour for more updates and Bart Scott!


One Response to “Tony’s drug cocktail”

  1. angie&kevin Says:

    Tony is hilarious. I like Tim Cates too. Great, great show!!! Love you guys. You are the best!!……….. I want to do a Kareoke duet with Tony when he comes to the Bay Area. Maybe some Marvin Gaye/Tammy Terrell song.

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