Mike DeCourcy Interview

Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News joined us from somewhere in North Carolina, as he preps to cover Duke/UNC. He calls it the best rivalry in all of American sports. Tony asks if it’s a better rivalry than the poodles v. the spaniels at the dog show.


DeCourcy said that tomorrow’s game is a big deal because it’s going to give an advantage in the conference tournament to either Duke or UNC.


Tony brought up Villanova’s hot streak, and said the Big East is the deepest conference. Mike disagreed, saying the ACC is better just because it’s a smaller conference, so there’s fewer bottom-feeders.


They both agreed four teams from each conference (UConn, Pitt, Villanova and Louisville in the Big East, with Duke, UNC, Wake Forest and Clemson in the ACC) could be national champions this year.


Mike said UCLA is the best of the west, and they are at their best when they run. If they can make teams play at their pace, they could also be a contender.


Tony asked him who looks like they’ll end up as #1 seeds, and he said the only one you can count on right now is probably Oklahoma. He thinks they’d have to really blow it, and the other three will be someone from Big East/ACC teams.


UConn is the best team in the country right now according to Mike, especially considering Hasheem Thabeet’s ability and Jim Calhoun’s coaching.


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