Harold Reynolds Interview

Harold started by saying he thinks baseball needs to move on past this time, and the only way that can happen is to publish all the names of this alleged 103 other users, as well as the names of the Mitchell Report.


Tony then asked how history is going to look upon these guys. Harold wisely noted that the guys that have come out and admitted things are the ones that seem to be getting the slack. Most of the players didn’t think their denials would be investigated, so now is the convenient time to come clean.


Tony then mentioned how Rob Dibble blasted Harold on last night’s show – Harold thought they were friends! They’ll talk and work it out. It did get Harold sufficiently amped to finish the interview.


Harold then said he wouldn’t be on the list that ARod is on. Tony mentioned that usually his name is on the list… of the hot club he’s trying to get into!


They both agreed they are tired of the steroid talk though. Spring training is right around the corner and they can’t wait to talk about the actual game.


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