Dog Show v. NBA

We return and the Dog Show is in full effect. Except, we’re *not* looking LIVE at Madison Square Garden because they tape delay the show out here on the West Coast. Outrage! But we do have the winner – and it wasn’t the poodle!


Tony suggests it was the Arnie Spainard that won the Sporting News division. What exactly does that dog look like?


Pat in Indy joins us and the show literally goes to the dogs. Tim and Tomy fight over the remote control – Tim wants to watch the Lakers game, while Tony wants to watch the Dog Show.


It now gets into a full-fledged battle – NBA v. the dogs. With all due respect Michael Vick, this looks like it’s a battle to the death. We are all in agreement, John Tesh’s music for the NBA on NBC is the best.


One Response to “Dog Show v. NBA”

  1. Meaghan O'Malley Says:

    If you guys want something to watch during the down season…….the best action EVER (and I hate to admit it, it’s not soccer) Australian “Footy”! No, not Australian Rugby…….this is beyond anything you’ve ever seen!!!!!

    It’s a must watch.


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