Bart Scott Interview

Bart joined the program as Tony mentioned he might have been the only Raven not in Tampa during Super Bowl week. He said he was at Disney World with his kids, but he wasn’t real interested in the teacup ride.


He said he didn’t go to Tampa because he was too ticked off about not being in the game, to the point where he didn’t even watch the game.


Tony brought up that he, Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis are all scheduled to be unrestricted free agents. Ray has already said he won’t take a hometown discount. Bart says the way he’s heard it, everyone expects him to be a ‘Rollback Special’ and stay with the team. Bart is definitely not a flea market special this year.


Money isn’t the only thing for him, but he’s already taken a hometown discount with the Ravens before. That being said, he would like to start and finish his career with the Ravens.


Bart called himself ‘The People’s Champ’ – at which point Freddie Mitchell of course entered the conversation. Tony and Bart both agreed he has no place in any discussions nowadays. Bart is a big wrestling fan though, and he broke down the figure-four leglock and Ric Flair.


No matter what happens, he’s loved his time in Baltimore. He’s had some special guys to learn from like Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware and Ed Reed.


Tony joked he wasn’t going to ask about ARod and steroids – but Bart jumped in and wanted to talk about it! He scientifically broke it down and said Rodriguez was full of it when he called himself young at 27. Man! This guy loves to break it all down – Tony better watch out for his job! Bart is a free agent after all.


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