Dog Show After Party

David joined the show from the ‘Dog Show’ after-party. Wha? There’s an after-party for the dog show? Wtf?


Tony mentioned Uno the beagle is the only athlete that hasn’t been arrested or caught with steroids so far this year. David agreed.


And of course, the dog who urinated on the carpet came up. David said it doesn’t affect judging and they are dogs after all.


They did bring up of course the winner, which was some sort of Spaniel. Springer spaniels? I have no idea about these things. Apparently the dog was 10 years old, which is the oldest dog to ever win.


Tony mentioned the economy did in fact affect the show, and David did admit the attendance and entries were fewer than usual.


After letting David go, Tony thought after the after party – who’s gonna be there, and what are they going to serve? The best we could figure out was Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg, and they’ll serve Mad Dog 20/20.


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