The Deadliest Catch and No Mercy

We came back for hour three not sure how to top Rob Dibble and Glen Campbell. Tony is ready to banish his facebook friends who are taking shots at them! Take it easy anonymous commenters, or face the wrath of Tony.


Steroids still rule the discussion, but Tony decides to go to Jose… who is apparently watching television instead of answering his phone – what’s up with that, man?


Somehow a discussion of ‘24’ breaks out where Cory tries to explain that you have to suspend disbelief on the whole real-time part of the program.


Tony decides to replay Glen Campbell accompanying his own song. He’s trying to remember another band he had do that before – maybe he needs some memory performance enhancers.


He finally remembers that the band he sang with was ‘No Mercy.’ I’m just a live-blogger, but I think mercy might be not playing this song any longer.


We have a Bon Jovi update, which of course leads us to an in-depth discussion of ‘The Deadliest Catch.’ And next season is in HD baby! And who doesn’t love Sig, Jonathan and Phil?


Stay tuned for more updates, including the ‘Americans suck at spelling’ update.



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