Ruben Amaro Jr. Interview


News bulletin – Glen Campbell will join us next segment! Yes, that Glen Campbell!


Ruben will be headed down to Clearwater tomorrow, with a load off his shoulders now that Ryan Howard is now signed up for three years. He thinks the team is pretty close to how it’ll look opening day.


They discussed the case of JC Romero, who got suspended for 50 games for a banned substance. Ruben of course supports his player, but knows the penalties are stiff in baseball now, as opposed to say, 2003.


Ruben saw the news about Alex Rodriguez, and commended Alex for coming clean and being honest. They both agree since there was no real policy at that time, that none of these guys are going to be punished for their actions.


Tony asked about Chase Utley’s status and of course, Ruben was optimistic about Chase’s rehab and potential to start the season for the Phils.


Ruben admitted the team has had discussions with Nomar Garciaparra about a bench spot on the Phillies, but said the ball is in Nomar’s court, in terms of health. If he’s healthy, the team would be happy to have him.


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