Rob Dibble Interview

‘Nasty Boy’ Rob Dibble joined us and Tony immediately brought up a time when Rob ripped his shirt off in one motion coming off the mound. Rob laughs about it now, and also laughed about the $2500 bill the Mets gave him for damage to their clubhouse.


Rob didn’t pull any punches about ARod, calling him a fraud and a liar, and saying he absolutely took steroids for more than 2001-2003. Rob says he never, ever took steroids and it pisses him off to see these cheaters lie about what they’ve done.


Dibs said ‘the culture of steroids’ is garbage because steroids were illegal in the U.S. since 1991, and ARod is full of it. He knows all these guys that keep getting better in their 30s are cheaters, just because it’s not natural to get better at 35 and up.


Tony asked about exactly when the steroid era began, and Rob said it started in the early 80s. He thinks they need to start blood testing and the people who get caught need to be seen as lepers in the sport.


One Response to “Rob Dibble Interview”

  1. angie&kevin Says:

    can we get a shout out tony. love your new website. very sexy.

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