Glen Campbell – on this show?

Whoa – Glen Campbell is in studio! With pink guitar in hand and everything!


He’s here to promote an album, so we might as well plug it:


Pretty cool stuff, Glen actually jammed live with his recordings! How many shows do you get that on? We even got a picture – unfortunately it was on Tony’s camera from 1943, so it might take us a little while to get the picture up on the website.


Glen even hooked Tony up with a copy of his greatest hits – and signed it! Tony better put that away before the staff tries to swipe it and put it on ebay.


Stay tuned next hour for Rob Dibble.


One Response to “Glen Campbell – on this show?”

  1. Tony from Monterey Says:

    ‘I am a Lineman for the County’….love that line from Glen Campbell’s Witchita Lineman…..I’m very old school 59 years and still going strong…I agree with Tony B you can’t be BITTER about Glen Campbell….one of the first Videos shown in 1969 Witchita Lineman

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