Fernando Montes Interview

Former Texas Rangers Strength and Conditioning Coach Fernando Montes joined the program. Tony asked him about strength and conditioning, and Fernando said there’s a serious science to coaching, particularly in baseball.


Montes called the steroid era in baseball ‘The Era of Shame’ – where players were obsessed with hitting bombs into the upper deck and the pressure to perform was huge.


Tony asked Fernando if a strength and conditioning coach would know whether a player was on steroids. Montes said there are good supplements out there that will do the right job, the right way and aren’t illegal.


They talked about the lack of accountability with supplements, where god only knows what can cause a positive. Montes said to look for a label on a product that says ‘CSL’ which apparently is a seal-of-approval type of thing.


Tony asked if he thought there was enough being done right now in testing. Montes said that players will always look for different ways to cheat, if anything just for the purposes of money.


Stay tuned for Rob Dibble next.


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