Saving us from bad radio…

Off to an early start, the crew finishes off bottle one of two bottles of red wine early. Yes, that’s right, It’s a Final!


Tony has had enough with local yokel radio here in LA – where people can talk for 24 hours straight about a regular season NBA game. So what did he go? He activated his Sirius Satellite Radio for a year for the ‘beautiful’ price of $157. Sirius 122, people!


After calling the Wynn to try to cash in his lock for predicting Todd Haley would be the next head coach of the Chiefs, Tony is spurned when he finds out you actually have to place a bet in the casino rather than mention the lock on the air. I think he was planning on using that bet to pay off his new radio!


Christian Bale apologizes – but do you believe him? Tony thinks he’s a nutcase no matter what he’s said. Lots of other updates coming up, including Jessica Simpson and Dana Stubblefield. Stay tuned for Jay Wright next!


One Response to “Saving us from bad radio…”

  1. Stan Otley Says:

    red wine Fridays? you all are drinking on the job? what is this… UPS?

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