Adrian Wojnarowski Interview

Tony asked Adrian if he’s coming to LA for the parade, since the Lakers just won the championship last night. Adrian is somewhere between Boston and New York, so perhaps he’ll let the rest of the regular season play out before he crowns a champion.


Adrian noted how big home-court advantage is in the East right now – and says whoever ends up with the best record with the East out of Boston and Cleveland should go the finals.


Tony and Adrian agreed that the economy is making a lot of owners try to dump payroll, and teams on the borderline might be sellers instead of buyers. The Kings could be a team willing to take on some payroll, but right now pretty much anybody on that roster is available to be traded.


The Suns are in disarray right now, and it’s mostly because of a cheap owner. They’ve lost guys like Rajon Rondo, Rudy Fernandez and Joe Johnson because ownership didn’t want to pay. Quite a change from Jerry Colangelo…


Amare is the biggest name on the trade block, but you aren’t going to see a lot of movement around the deadline. He expects more salary-dumping than actual basketball trades.


Adrian thinks the Spurs are the one team in the West that can beat the Lakers – provided Manu Ginobili can be healthy. They can defend, and they have the best coach in the game. New Orleans and Denver are both nice, but the Spurs are the only ones that have a chance.


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