Jay Wright Interview

Jay and Tony open by discussing wines, and what wines go best with Tony Luke’s sandwiches. Jay loves Tony enough to show up across town for breakfast with Tony. Breakfast with Tony… isn’t that a movie?


Coach Wright talks about the Big East, and the great job Jim Calhoun has done with UConn this year. Villanova are no slouches though either, and they have a big matchup Saturday against Syracuse.


Jay then reminisces with Tony about The Spectrum – and how lucky he was to coach in the final college hoops game there. He does love the Wachovia Center, but that place was pretty cool. The air conditioning is a little better at the new place though.


Coach Wright admits he’s a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, if anything because the heat is off of him the longer the Eagles are in the playoffs!


It’s a strange year in college basketball – every time a team makes it up to #1, they lose. Jay doesn’t know if there’s a team that’s risen above the rest.


Tony raves about the Big East, and asks Jay how many teams he thinks deserves to come out of the conference. Jay says the conference is great and that eight teams deserve to make the tourney, maybe even nine or ten.


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