Tony’s movie collections

We have two breaking stories here on ‘Into the Night’ – well three, actually.


First, the Lakers have pulled it off! They’ve beaten Boston. Surely there will be a parade here in LA soon. Give the Lakers the title now says Tim Cates.


Next, Jay Glazer is reporting the Chiefs are negotiating with Todd Haley. That would prove Tony right, but unfortunately, he tried to parlay Haley being the next coach of the Chiefs with Jim Fassel taking the vacant o-coordinator job.


And of course, in the biggest news of the day… Salma Hayek breast feeds random crying babies! Tony plans to seek out Salma Hayek and let the waterworks fly. And even if he can’t find her, he has a full film collection called ‘Lactating Latinas’ – must be some National Geographic type of stuff.


Tim in Lauderdale checked in to verify that iguanas are in fact falling out of the trees because it’s so cold. Are the oranges freezing too?


And of course, ‘it’s an outrage’ that Beyonce sang ‘At Last’ at the inauguration instead of Etta James. Some classics just can’t be topped.


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