Lakers win, and also cure cancer…

Tony mocks Lakers fans who are perhaps reading a little too much into a regular season win. Surely David Stern will hand over the championship to the Buss family now. Now of course get ready for the next ‘Game of the Year’ of the week when the Lakers take on the Cavs Sunday.


He also comes up with the genius idea of having the ‘Stupid Poll Question of the Day’ on the website. Since all the other shows have to fill time with a dumb poll question, we should do that too, right?


Rich from San Francisco calls in, and is quite an anomaly – a Laker fan who lives in San Francisco from Jersey, who has a Boston accent. Huh? Despite his checkered accents and fandom, he and Tony agree the Lakers need Andrew Bynum for the playoffs.


Stay tuned for Flyers talk next – no, not those Flyers, the Dayton Flyers. Head basketball coach Brian Gregory will join us next.


One Response to “Lakers win, and also cure cancer…”

  1. Pat in Indy Says:

    Tony forgot about the big 44..they only have 2 teams

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