Ike Taylor Interview

Tony brought on the two-time Super Bowl champ and immediately wondered why he says ‘swaggin’ instead of his school in the intro on NBC. Ike said he didn’t have a problem with his school, Louisiana Lafayette, but how many times do you get a chance to talk during the Super Bowl?


And of course, Old Spice has it’s swagger line of products now – is maybe Ike angling for an endorsement?


Ike broke down his coverage of Larry Fitzgerald – Larry made a great play on the slant in the fourth quarter, but Ike doesn’t mind getting beat here and there from a guy as great as that.


Tony noted Ike was a fourth-round pick, and the Steelers have found some major gems. Ike isn’t sure how they keep it up, but he loves being on a winning team that has gotten it done since the 70s.


Vegas has the Steelers as the betting favorite to start next year, and Ike thinks the Steelers deserve it, especially after making it through this season with that tough schedule.


He mentioned Coach Tomlin and the rest of the Steelers are family, and surely that’s a big reason why they have so much success.


At that point, a lot of noise showed up in the interview – Ike revealed someone is opening his garage door. How dare they interrupt an interview with Ike and the great Tony Bruno? Ike told his family to keep it down.


Tony asked Ike about his ring from Super Bowl XL, where Ike said is wasn’t as big as it could be, because the Rooneys aren’t as into bling as some of the players might want.


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