Russell Martin Interview

Russell unfortunately didn’t get to win anything on ‘The Price is Right’, but he did get an official nametag with his name on it. He wasn’t wearing it around town though like the LA tourists.


Martin admitted the million dollar question was if Manny would come back to the Dodgers, and he gets asked about it constantly, even at ‘The Price is Right.’


While Tony decided Drew Carey, Scott Boras and Ned Colletti could get together over a nice game of Plinko to figure out Manny’s salary, Russell declined to name a price for Manny himself.


He has had a few conversations with Manny, where they talk about how much fun last season was for the whole Dodger team. But he understands it’s a business, and Manny has to do what’s best for him, even if it’s signing with the Giants.


Russell disagreed with Tony’s assessment of how different LA’s pitching staff will be, and he’s happy to have guys like Hiroki Kuroda, Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw.


He also can’t wait for the World Baseball Classic, especially with games in Canada this time around. He definitely wants to lay a beat-down on the US team.


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