Craig Robinson Interview

Tony is impressed that Oregon State has gone undefeated (4-0) since the inauguration, and the first brother-in-law agreed that there should be one every week now. Craig hasn’t heard from the President recently, as he’s been a little busy, but it’s very cool for his players to know the Commander-in-Chief is watching.


A lot of people don’t know Craig was a great college basketball player back at Princeton, and Tony nominated him for all-Ivy League first team of all time. Coach isn’t so sure he belongs, but he and Tony definitely agree Bill Bradley is a no-doubter.


Rather than breaking down Ivy Leaguers, Tony and Craig move on to his squad, who has a tough matchup this weekend against Arizona and Arizona State. While his team is on a roll, he knows both games will be tough.


They both agree Oregon State is a program on the rise, especially considering the team already has four more conference wins than all of last season. The whole Corvallis area is energized and is showing great support for the team.


Tony is even more impressed with Coach Robinson that he was smart enough to leave the bond market, as Tony scrambles to build his 401K over $4.01.


Coach agreed with Tony that the Pac-10 is an tough conference this year, if anything because there are no easy wins across the board. He thinks the conference will get somewhere between 4-6 teams into the tournament.


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