Roids and Karaoke

Tony is ‘outraged’ about the BS in the Barry Bonds perjury trial. No rich person in this country goes to jail, maybe ever. You can do these terrible things, and still get off if you have enough money for good lawyers.


Take a look at that idiot from Illinois. He’s accused of some serious stuff, and yet he can go on the talk show circuit? He should be put away today.


Back to the juice – nobody seems to care about all the obvious steroid users, they just want to get Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro. And of course, the owners weren’t exactly going out of their way to stop them.


Somehow they moved on from steroids to karaoke, and perhaps the natural segue is that Tony needs a certain amount of performance enhancers to get on the stage and sing. Surely the crew will make their way out to a karaoke bar in the near future after a show.


No word on what Tony will sing, but we’ll have to check to see if ‘Into the Night’ by Racer X is available.


Tony was impressed by the ‘Rockband Karaoke’ at Stump’s in Channelside last week in Tampa. He’s definitely going to open a club in LA with a live band.


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