Ken Rosenthal Interview

Ken talked about Manny turning down $25M from the Dodgers. He isn’t so sure he’s done with the Dodgers, but he does know the Dodgers have other options if Manny goes away, in that they could sign Adam Dunn, Orlando Hudson and a pitcher for that kind of price.


He and Tony both agree there’s zero chance Manny will retire like he’s threatened. Ken pointed out it’s a good idea to keep Manny happy, because he’s shown he’s capable of tanking it. His best guess at this point is Manny and the Dodgers will settle on a two-year deal with an option.


The economy is hurting free agents in MLB. There’s still somewhere between 80-100 guys out there, and guys like Bobby Abreu are going to take a serious pay cut.


Ken isn’t ‘outraged’ by Bud Selig’s reported salary. He’s essentially the CEO of a highly-successful company, and despite the economic woes, baseball is doing pretty well.



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