David Caruso, Christian Bale and Suzyn Waldman

Tony held a séance for Suzyn Waldman and mentioned the story about Roger’s DNA showing up on Brian McNamee’s syringes. Oh my goodness gracious!


Tim claimed from his extensive CSI viewing that DNA doesn’t necessarily determine Roger’s guilt. Tony wasn’t quite so sure, and he definitely isn’t a fan of David Caruso and his sunglasses.


Tony took a call from a New York listener who was around the Syracuse area. After hearing that the ‘Cuse’ got 122 inches, Tony wondered if there will be a line on snow for next year. Do I smell a new Leadpipe Lock coming? And is that worse than betting on the Pro Bowl?


Update: Christian Bale is nuts! F—ing nuts apparently! After dropping about 800 f-bombs on some poor lighting guy, Tony compared that audio with his performances in both Batman and American Psycho. Do all Welsh guys talk like that?


Stay tuned for Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports


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