Tony, Denny’s and the Super Bowl

Tony is off of a fresh night of sleep and had a great day in Venice. Not only did he take a ‘beautiful’ bike ride, but he also managed to fix his fireplace, which had blown up while he was in Tampa.


He’s still ‘outraged’ that columnists and fans are calling this game the best of all-time, despite it being now the most watched Super Bowl, and second-most watched television program of all-time. The Super Bowl, is now the biggest event of the year in America, not just in sports. Everyone gets into it, not just football fans. It might be the one event that grows every year, while the rest of the events are shrinking.


While Tony might have the best job in the world, he knows the worst job in America was to work at Denny’s today. Surely there were a lot of cheapskates who showed up to get their free grub and left without giving a tip. People will go anywhere and do anything for free stuff.


Stay tuned for David Aldridge and updates, including the futures odds already out for Super Bowl XLIV.


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