Mark Malone interview

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mark Malone joined Tony:

– Malone commended the Steelers management and their incredible feat: not only have they won six Super Bowls, but all three of their head coaches have won Super Bowls too.
– Pittsburgh used to be the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL until they hired Chuck Noll. Noll and Todd Haley’s father Dick Haley put together one of the best teams in the history of the league.
– Malone championed his hometown of El Cajon, California and has a lot of pride in NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson, who is also from El Cajon. Tony showed ‘good knowledge’ in pointing out Greg Louganis is also from that area (with an assist from his production crew)
– Ben Roethlisberger did a great job and officially redeemed himself from his mediocre performance in Super Bowl XL. He deserves all the credit for that drive and for that win.
– Malone talked with John Madden about Roethlisberger: they both agreed he doesn’t always look great but makes plays and wins. He’s defined right now by his ability to win.


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  2. Says:

    OH, I know! Mrs Malone is sweet and sexy! Not sure why she is with him!

  3. theyre divorced and shes pretyy for sure

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