Jim Fassel Interview

Former Giants head coach Jim Fassel joined Tony:

– As an Arizona native, Fassel thinks the Cardinals fans were very happy with the team’s performance and loves the future of the team. Of course they were disappointed they didn’t win, but they were elated with the season.
– This Super Bowl established Ben Roethlisberger as one of the elite quarterbacks, and he deserved to be MVP. He was wowed by the throws he made, and ‘outraged’ that he wasn’t voted in the Pro Bowl. He makes that team go.
– Fassel revealed you can see a lot more from TV or from the broadcast booth than you can from the sidelines as a coach. Even as a QB he could see things a lot better.
– Todd Haley doesn’t ‘have’ to take the head-coaching job in Kansas City, but it’s sure tough to turn down a head-coaching job, especially considering how hot and cold coaching candidates can get. It certainly helps that he’s friends with Scott Pioli.
– Coach Fassel wouldn’t talk too much about his future in coaching, but is very proud that his son will be special teams coordinator for the Raiders this season.
– He doubts Kurt Warner would retire, saying he’d be “shocked” if Warner hangs it up after this season. If he does, Matt Leinart needs to get it together.


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