Hello world!

We’re just getting up and running, please be patient.


21 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Waiting for Tony Bruno to make a triumphant return to Indianapolis Radio!!! YES!!

  2. Tony, congrats on getting the new site up. It looks Beauuuuutiful!

  3. Pat in Indy Says:

    What happened to the forum! LOL

  4. BrunoFanInIowa Says:

    Tony, site looks good. Will your full show be podcast instead of just certain interviews? Also agree with Pat in Indy that it would be nice to have a Forum as well if possible.

    Great that you are back on the radio. Almost as good as two chicks at the same time! 🙂


    Tony first the am airwaves now the internet,your taking over the world 1 place at a time.
    How can there be a Madden bowl without a Madden?
    you better drink a redbull and some orange juice if you want to make it thru the nite.

  6. Brad in Wisconsin Says:

    A Bruno blog? Are you going to have a poll question every night now too?

  7. thatdeafdumbblindkid Says:


    Corey Hart called – he wants his, well he could actually use some work. Nice site, though.

    To the Mr. Radio Station Programmers of the world – get on board now. Tony will run circles around any drivel you guys currently have polluting the airwaves.

    Sports Talk Radio can once again be enjoyed without the prerequisite of a full frontal lobotomy. Gracias.

  8. Website looks incredible. Finally some sort of marketing Arm for the Tony Bruno Show. Now we need more radio stations to come on board. I’ve said it that if this show survives through this crisis, we will begin to make a serious dent into JT’s show (because stations will have the financial flexibility in the future to pick up the better show)

  9. What’s Tony’s Super Bowl pick?

  10. this site is great. make sure to check back for updates and live blogs during the show…..

  11. Tony,

    I am looking for a call from…

    Rancho Penesquitas…

  12. NickReezo In Dub-C Says:

    Tony’s pick is Arizona w/ the points. This site is tizight can’t wait for the P-casts

  13. what up yo. great new website! love it

  14. Tony,

    Cannot get you locally in Los Angeles on regular radio. I have to get you on a Utah station with a lot of interference.

    You are the best!

  15. I hope podcasts of the entire show are put up soon. I usually listen to the show at work and I need that fix each day!

  16. Charles Colson Says:

    Tony: Your show is so good I listen to it every night while I plot my political comeback.

    Oh, the humanity!

  17. D-Hap in Fla Says:

    nice job Tony.
    I too am jones-ing for the daily podcast as you are unavailable locally.
    thanks to the boys on the forum, I got Tony fix. albeit short term.

  18. This looks great! Wish my bosses hadn’t put an embargo on radio use at my workplace, but I do the Radunich podcasts on lunch hour. Hope Tony is still alive & kicking after this grueling week in Tampa, I’ll be listening Monday night for the results of the weekend! Again, this site is… (rome) GREAAAAT!

  19. Currently listening to you and Radnich on KNBR. You are gold, Tony, GOLD !!

  20. Glad to hear the comeback of the century is about to happen. Excellent logo! Need shirts!

  21. Mike in Fort Lauderdal Says:

    Finally! I just got to give big props to 790 The Ticket (local station) for putting on the best radio show ever on my radio. Once I get off of work thats when I hear the beauuuuutiful voice of Tony Bruno it doesnt get much better then that now does it? Dont think so.

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